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  • Rogue Ales Captain Sig's Deadliest Ale

    Was anxious to try this ale since it came out in October, and finally got my hands on one.  I was not disappointed.  14.5 Plato (5.8 ABV Approx), classified as American Amber/Red Ale. Appearance:  Cloudy Amber in color with light tan head.  Head held fast for a good 5 minutes, a...
  • Red Hook Double Black Stout with Coffee

    We followed our lovely Stone Smoked Porter with this beer: Red Hook Double Black Stout with Coffee - Woodinville WA/Portsmouth NH 7.0% ABV Pours out almost black with a tan head, and great lacing in the glass. Smells: Coffee and roasted malts Taste: burnt old coffee, malts, slight caramel sweet...
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  • Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

    Don't remember who posted on here that the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock was good, but by golly, by gumshoe, they were right!  It poured out nice and dark, with a nicely formed tan head, that did not dissipate too quickly.  The scent of coffee and cocoa, and as it warmed I swear I smelled ...