Minnesota's Brew, why, oh why

  • I should have expected it... but I didn't for some reason. Boo was kind enough to give me two cans of Minnesota's Brew, a so-called "Northern Lager" brewed by Marrs Brewing Co. in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Boo owns a deli and six-pack shop called Boo's Beer and Deli on Elizabeth Street in Bethlehem, Pa. Check it out if you are in the area; he has a great selection. This beer, however, is not among that great selection, and for good reason. The mere fact that a beer brewed in Wisconsin is touted as Minnesota's Brew is probably a good warning sign. I didn't heed it. Instead, I popped open the can and drank it. Swill is a kind word. Dirty sock water left to ferment for a half hour is probably closer to reality. Just horrid. It makes Old Mil look like Stella Artois. Sorry, Boo. Thanks for the free beers, but Minnesota's Brew is not meant to be drunken by any sane man.
  • capnkirk
    capnkirk Sorry to hear that you got stuck with swill. I hope you had something tasty to chase it with.
    November 1, 2008
  • LumbeerJohn
    LumbeerJohn At least you gave it a fair shot. Everything should be tried once.
    November 3, 2008