Anchor Old Foghorn

  • I stumbled across this purely by accident while at the liquor store to pick up some cognac. I love Anchor Steam and saw the Old Foghorn and decided to try it. Anchor Old Foghorn is a barley wine which is an old-style brew known for its big, aromatic flavors, malty character and high alcohol content. Although individual brews vary, barley wines are rich and viscous with toasty caramel flavors.Old Foghorn was no exception to this and had a distinct sweetness at first followed by nice toasty notes. A deep copper in color with malty, sugar flavors, some fruit, perhaps a hint of pineapple with a tad of hop bitterness to back it up. All in all this was an excellent beer and a new favorite of mine. Dont be too shocked by the price though - I paid over $15 with tax for six 12 ounce bottles - it is well worth the price.8.8% AlcoholMLB 96/100alt

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  • LumbeerJohn
    LumbeerJohn That sounds really good. Not bad price wise considering the style. If I see it I will definitely pick it up.
    November 3, 2008