A Ruud Awakening...IPA

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    This weekend has been an interesting one, between having my hand slammed in a car door (my hand is fine now) and playing in a charity event for cancer (to get rid of cancer not to support it), I’ve been busy. Unfortunately, the beer tasting this week was done solely by myself, mostly due to the craziness of the weekend. Luckily, this beer did not disappoint. This week’s beer is Old Schoolhouse Brewery’s Ruud Awakening IPA, and from their website we get this about the beer:

    Expect you taste buds to be rudely awakened and temporally disabled by the plethora of hops used in this IPA. The brutally bitter beginning is followed by a citrus aftertaste.

    The Ruud Awakening IPA is my first beer by Old Schoolhouse, and it comes in at an alc./vol. of 7%, and the IBUs are 100+. It pours a small, but thick creamy off-white head that coats the glass. The color is of dark honey with a slight cloudiness to it. Head - 10, Look - 10. The smell is hops, hops, and more hops. I love Columbus hops, being that my favorite IPA (Dogfish Head 120 Minute) uses them, and the aroma of the Columbus hops comes through very well. The Cascade and Amarillo follow closely behind, and the citrus aroma of the high acid hops makes for a pleasant fragrance. Smell - 25.

    My first taste was what I expected this beer to be by the smell, which was smooth, but with a strong hop bitterness. With the high IBUs, this beer leaves a nice fuzziness to the tongue, and provides pleasant citrus notes. The aftertaste was very dry and bitter, and was lacking any kind of floral or citrus notes that the bottle described. Palate - 10, Aftertaste - 7. There isn’t much to this beer besides an amazing amount of delicious hops. If you’re a hophead this beer is for you. I really would have liked more of an alcohol bite, which was the only flaw I found in this beer. Flavor - 27.

    What else is there to say? I was, I am, very satisfied with my first experience with an Old Schoolhouse beer. Since I am definitely a hophead, this was a great beer with very few flaws. If you are not a fan of hops or the west coast style of IPAs than this isn’t for you. This is an IPA for the hop lover! With an Overall Flavor of 44/50 the Beer Fusion gives Old Schoolhouse Brewery’s Ruud Awakening IPA a

    Rating: 94/100