Deutsch Bier Wednesday: Franziskaner's Hefe-Weisse

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    It’s Deutsch Bier Wednesday once again, and this week’s bier was an interesting one - Franziskaner’s Hefe-Weisse. Now, the bier itself wasn’t particularly strange, it was the change in flavor that was partially due to my lack of observation at the bottom of the bottle. See, I poured the bier as a normally do, and as usual there was a good amount left in the bottle. So, I went about the Beer Fusion review process, and I gave it a rating of a strong “C”, i.e. 75/100, but it wasn’t until I began to pour the rest of the bier into my glass did the light hit the bottle just right. I was then able to see all the unfiltered goodies/deliciousness that lay at the bottom, and as I poured the remainder out of the bottle... it all changed.


    Franziskaner’s website is a little buggy, but you can read up on this bier here.


    The Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse poured a strong white head, but it quickly reduced down into a somewhat creamy head. The carbonation of the head was a bit much for me, but still a good head none the less.The color was originally lightly golden and slightly cloudy, but once I got the full pour the color became a denser gold and became very cloudy. The heavy carbonation was present throughout. Head - 7, Look - 14. The smell was of a zesty yeast, and zesty with lemon and other citrus notes. I suspect that the hops also aided in the citrus aroma of this weisse, and the yeast presence only grew stronger with a full pour. There was really no presence of malt, but the overall aroma was clean and crisp. Smell - 23.


    Being that I had two palate experiences, I’m going to focus primarily on the full pour. My initial reaction to this bier was light and full of carbonation, but with the full pour the yeast really expanded and the “zestiness” of the smell emerged into a full weisse flavor. Once again, the extra hint of citrus zest seems to be supplied by the added hops. The aftertaste is yeasty and smooth with a slight dry bitterness that isn’t too noticeable. Palate - 8, Aftertaste - 7. The overall flavor didn’t change much from my initial taste, but the full pour made a world of difference. The complexity of this weisse bier really expanded with the extra goodies, and the strength of the yeast obviously increased. There was more of a fruity flavor that seemed to have hints of banana with the lemon and citrus zest, and the extra zest/spice from the hops really pulled the flavors together. I was happy that I couldn’t taste any malt, because I think that would have added to much of a grainy flavor. This beer would be fantastic on a hot day. Flavor - 25.


    Franziskaner’s Hefe-Weisse has been a great representation of the wheat bier category, and a very enjoyable beer in general. I do recommend using a weizen glass, and you can avoid the issues that I had. All and all a great hefeweizen that I recommend you pick up if you are looking for a great wheat bier. With an Overall Flavor of 40/50 the Beer Fusion gives Franziskaner’s Hefe-Weisse


    Rating: 85/100