Iron Horse's Double Rainbow & Malt Bomb

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    We’ve got an Iron Horse Brewery theme for this week’s review, because we’ve got not just one beer to review, but two! Iron Horse recently came out with a beer that upon hearing of its release many thought was a joke, but sure enough they released a beer to pay homage to the viral video - double rainbow. If you haven’t guessed it the beer is called Double Rainbow, and it’s an interesting blend of a red and an IPA, or as Iron Horse put’s it: “Not quite red, not quite ipa but quite big”. That was going to be it for this week, but G kept talking about Iron Horse’s Malt Bomb, and it just felt right to give both a drink this week. So, let’s get to some DOUBLE RAINBOW, because it’s so beautiful.


    Iron Horse Brewery write this about their Double Rainbow:


    Not quite red, not quite ipa but quite big. This beer is built upon a solid malt foundation of medium crystal, biscuit, and vienna for a considerable dose of toffee, bread and nutty flavors and aromas. We then laced the beer with hops throughout the process. First hops go into the first wort runoff and hops continue to be added through the boil, after boil, and then dry-hopped in our conditioning tanks at 37 degrees. Ranbow 1 = MALT; Raibow 2 = HOPS: A double rainbow of flavors. 7.0% ABV

    Double Rainbow, as seen above, comes in at 7% alc./vol., and has unknown IBUs. Double Rainbow pours thick and creamy with an off-white head that lingers for a good while. G described the look as a medium brown, almost a sweet tea color. I saw a dark brown with red tints, which was very cloudy. Head - 8, Look - 13.5. G was having a hard time getting a good smell from his glass, but we both agreed that the hops were the strongest aroma coming through. I kept smelling hints of what I thought was cinnamon, brown sugar, and a slight roast, but the best description would be toffee. Also, there was a slight nuttiness that’s normal to reds, but that was at the end of the toffee aroma. Smell - 21.5.


    As it came time to taste the Double Rainbow, I felt as if this was a special and magical occasion, or, at the least, a tasty one. The first sip was hoppy, but smooth and had a fullness of a red with nutty notes. It was somewhat of a different taste. G tasted hops as well, but found it dryer than myself. The aftertaste was bitter, but not a whole lot going on with the flavors left at the end. Palate - 8, Aftertaste - 8. The overall flavor of Double Rainbow was heavy in hops. It seemed closer to an IPA than a red, but the red qualities, i.e. the toffee and nuttiness accompanied the main IPA flavor very well. The malt seems to be really the hidden player in this beer, but without that nutty oiliness the full texture of Double Rainbow wouldn’t be possible. Flavor - 24.


    Double Rainbow is a great tasting beer, and my only issues are in the mild aftertaste and I would have liked either darker malt or more of them. But, regardless this beer is one I hope to try on-tap, and would definitely buy again. Iron Horse continues to impress me with their brews. With an Overall Flavor of 40/50 the Beer Fusion gives Iron Horse Brewery’s Double Rainbow


    Rating: 83/100


    altMalt Bomb:  


    This full-bodied, slightly sweet Brown Ale has just the right combination of chocolate malt and hop bitterness to make your mouth explode from flavor, and also happens to be high in gravity at 6% ABV. There’s a reason we call it Malt Bomb. You’re welcome.


    The Malt Bomb pours a strong thick off-white head that isn’t afraid to stay for your enjoyment. This is another cloudy brew, but much more than Double Rainbow. It’s ruby red and dark amber. Head - 9.5, Look - 13.5. G found the malts to be very strong in the smell, and the hops to be very light. I felt the same way; the dark/chocolate malts are the overwhelming aromas with a light citrus smell following behind the heavy malt. Smell - 23.


    The first sip was rather sweet, with a milky chocolate presence that filled the mouth. Behind the sweetness really came the hops, which added an interesting bitter sweetness. But, it was definitely a bomb of malt in the mouth. G found the aftertaste to be pretty smooth, but I felt kind of different. For me it ended with a mix of malt and hop dry and bitterness, which had a slight sweetness behind it. I didn’t find it very smooth, but very different. Palate - 8, Aftertaste - 7. The flavor, the flavor of a beer called Malt Bomb, well there is dark malts, pale malts, and bi-malts that aren’t quite sure if they want to be dark or pale or they kind of a bit of both. The hops for me really took a back seat to the explosion (see what I did there? Bomb reference) of malt flavor. Flavor - 25.


    Iron Horse was one of those breweries that I almost, mistakenly, wrote off because of its location, and I was truly taught a lesson in my rash judgment. Iron Horse has come to be one of my favorite breweries, and each beer I try by them is enjoyable - sometimes mind blowing amazing. With the majority of beers that I truly enjoy the most being over 9%ABV, and for Iron Horse to produce beer below that ABV that I really like is a true testament to the quality of beer produced by this brewery. With an Overall Flavor of 40/50 the Beer Fusion gives Iron Horse’s Malt Bomb


    Rating: 86/100