Stillwater/Mikkeller Our Side - Two Gypsies & WA Brewers Fest

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    This last weekend I visited fellow Gentleman Stohn on behalf of his birthday. Luckily, his birthday coincided with the Washington Brewers Festival, and it just so happened he wanted to go. We were there Friday afternoon for a bit, but during that time we were able to try some great Washington beers. A couple beers that really stood out were Two Beers Dry Hopped Father’s Day Special, Diamond Knot’s “666” Bavarian Ale, and 7 Seas Brewing’s Ballz Deep (the little kid in us really came out while asking for Ballz Deep). Besides the Brewers Fest, I had an opportunity to drink a variety of beers I normally can’t find in my area, and you can check me out on Untappd (beerfusion) to see what those were. One of them was a collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal Ales and Mikkeller called Our Side - Two Gypsies. And this is the ale we’ll be reviewing this week.


    This “Our Side - Two Gypsies” is best described as a Farmhouse Ale, and it comes in at an ABV of 7.5%. It pours an off-white head that is more carbonated than creamy, but does stick around for a bit. The look is a rather cloudy golden honey color with orange hues. It really is a nice looking beer. Head - 8, Look - 14. The yeast really bursts through with this ale, and it does smell strongly of a saison (surprise for a farmhouse ale), but besides the bread subtleties the yeast gives off a very tart sourness. The hops add to it with notes of grapefruit and other citrus characters. An interesting overall smell. Smell - 22.


    This ale hits the tongue with a ferocious amount of carbonation followed by dry bitter grapefruit notes. The aftertaste is a piney/earthy dry hop bitterness with a surprising warmth from the alcohol in the back. Palate - 7.5, Aftertaste - 8. The flavor is rather light upfront with the strong carbonation. The middle of the palate - the yeast expands with sweet malt sugar characteristics. The yeast really does provide some interesting flavor notes - such as tart sourness and dry wine flavors. The hops aren’t as pronounced in the flavor as I would have expected based on the labels description. but they truly do bitter. Flavor - 24.5.


    This is my first beer by either Stillwater and Mikkeller, and what better way to give both a try then a collaboration right? Well, I really don’t know what each brought to this beer from their own craft, but the result is really good regardless. Unfortunately, I drank this beer on a rather cold and wet day, but this would be exceptional on a hot summer day, which Farmhouse ales are traditionally for. There wasn’t much about this beer that I didn’t like, but there sure was a lot that I did. I’ve become more and more enthralled with Farmhouse Ales, and this ale continues my affection towards the style. I recommend picking this beer up if you see it. With an Overall Flavor of 40/50 the Beer Fusion Gives Stillwater/Mikkeller’s Our Side Two Gypsies...


    Rating: 85/100