New Belgium's Super Cru

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    So it’s been a little while since we’ve had a review on the site, but I’m ending that drought with today’s review. This past weekend/week has been rather uneventful beer wise, but I did manage to indulge in some beers I’ve never had this past weekend.  Some of those beers included Avery Brewing’s Maharaja ( awesome beer!), Firestone Walker’s Double Jack (hoptastic!), Full Sail’s Hop Pursuit (this beer coated the glass perfectly, and was delicious), Great Divide’s 16th Anniversary Ale (you could really taste the oak barrels), Big Sky Trout Slayer (a solid pale ale), and last, but not least, our review beer – New Belgium’s Super Cru.


    New Belgium has this to say:


    Our 20th Anniversary! Let's roll a bunch of New Belgium together and put it in a bottle. Start with the backbone of Fat Tire, but double the malt and hops; Add in crisp Asian Pears, a very Belgian thing to do; and bring it to life with a Saison yeast. It's New Belgium Super Cru from us to you!


    The Super Cru comes in at an ABV of 10%, which got me excited about what flavors might come from this rather strong ale. Super Cru pours a creamy white head that quickly dissipates,  but it coats the glass very well. The color is a dark amber or mahogany, with noticeable carbonation and a clear clarity. I was a little surprised how perfectly I could see through this beer. Head – 8, Look – 13. The smell was incredibly fruity, with the pear juice coming through paired with the very noticeable Saison yeast. There was some citrus notes coming from the hops, but the overall fruit characteristics from this beer were heavy. Both G and I really liked the smell, which surprised us, because we generally do not like sweet smelling beer. Smell – 22.


    This beer hits the mouth with vengeance – strong carbonation with ludicrous saison notes, and a nice pear sweetness. The aftertaste was bitter with a dry sweetness to it. Palate – 8, Aftertaste – 8. This beer is surprisingly sweet and tart, but not very sour. Did I mention that it’s incredibility drinkable? Almost to a dangerous extent.  This beer hits like a well balanced strong ale, but tricks you with its saison flavors, and the pear really comes out of nowhere. The tartness pairs well with the carbonation up front, and then the yeast expands middle of the taste with the pear, citrus hops, and malt, with the finish being mellow, but very enjoyable. Flavor – 27.


    I looked at reviews of this beer online on both the major beer rating websites, and this beer isn’t getting much love – or really any. I don’t know why. Did this beer blow my mind, and make me rethink boundaries of what beer can be or what a style can be – no. Did I thoroughly enjoy drinking this beer without any of the tastes bothering me – yes. I normally don’t give high ratings to beers that don’t make me rethink a style, beer in general, or blow my socks off, and I starting thinking why don’t I give a high rating to a well crafted beer that is just a pleasure to drink? And, you know what, I didn’t have an answer. We’re average craft beer drinkers here, and yes we like all the other things I mentioned, but why can’t we celebrate a beer that was simply enjoyable to drink? New Belgium you created a great beer for your 20th Anniversary, happy birthday! With an Overall Flavor of 43/50 the Beer Fusion gives New Belgium’s Super Cru…


    Rating: 86/100