Must Have Pumpkin Ales of 2011


    With October setting in there’s one thing all craft beer lovers look forward to: Pumpkin Ales. What started out as a small niche has taken the craft beer world by storm in the last few years. Today there are over two dozen pumpkin ales been created in either bottle or draft form across the country. It seems that just about every brewery wants to tap into the pumpkin market. So what’s the best pumpkin ale on the market that you can take home in October? Let’s take a look.

    Southern Tier, Imperial Pumking

    The Grand Daddy of all pumpkin ales, Imperial Pumking by Southern Tier. This ale is considered the pumpkin ales of the year and is in high demand. Rated an A- on beeradvocate and just about every craft beer enthusiasts will tell you: It’s the pumpkin ale. Coming in at 8.6% abv in a 22oz bomber it’s perfect for October.

    Avery Brewing, Rumpkin

    What has only been a draft offering will now be bottled for the first time ever; Avery Brewing Co., Rumpkin. This is a 15.9% pumpkin ale. Aged in Old Gosling’s Rum barrels, shot up with a cycle of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, this pumpkin got big. 12oz bottle.

    Elysian, Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

    Up there with Pumking this is another great beer offered in October that really sums up a great pumpkin ale. Coming in at A- on beeradvocate and for good reason; it’s a staple in craft beer community for pumpkin ales. 22oz bomber.

     Dogfish Head, Punkin Ale

    This is a great example of a pumpkin ale without being one. Considered a brown ale brewed with fresh pumpkins and spice it’s a great seasonal offering by Dogfish Head. You can still find it in some smaller stores that don’t get the high volume of other places. Offered in 4 packs and sometimes singly. 12oz bottle.

    Shipyard, Smashed Pumpkin

    Offered once a year in October by Shipyard this is a must have and a treat for all craft beer lovers, Shipyard’s Smashed Pumpkin. Considered to be a rival to Pumking this year this truly a crafted artisan ale. Delicious notes of fresh pumpkin blended with nutmeg and spice. Easily one of the best pumpkin ales on the market and part of Pugsley’s Signature Series. Pick up a bottle and share with a friend! 22oz bomber 9%.

    Rock Yard, Buddha Nuvo

    We’ve talked about this beer before and it seems fitting to talk about it again. This is a truly beautiful pumpkin Saison. A 14 brewery collaboration including 5 Brett strands, barrel-aged in Chardonnay, and hand wax topped. This is a rare treat that has had a few months to age and is perfect in time for October pumpkin ales. 12%, 750ml. Rare release to Colorado only. $40 dollars.

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    HEISCHMAN I have 3 of those, Can't find Avery, Elysian or Rock Yard. But the PUMPKING is wonderful!
    October 6, 2011