Avery Brewing Plans Expansion

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    Avery Brewing Co. has just announced their plans for expansion. They are still in the works of sealing the deal on a 5.6 acre spot in north Boulder, 4910 and 4920 Nautilus Court. It will be a a great way to showcase our beers and set us apart from other breweries," Adam Avery told Westword in August. "I wish we were already building it."


    The land is listed by The Colorado Group and is going for $1.7 million. Avery Brewing however has not finalized the deal quite yet. The location resides between Boulder County Day School, West Lake, and some high-tech manufactures. December 15th marks a hearing that will determine if Avery Brewing can purchase the land. The school has opposed the idea of the brewery being so close to the school saying, "It may pose danger to their students."

    Adam Avery has looked at other cities to move the company to. He doesn't want to leave boulder. For 18 years he has been brewing in Boulder and Avery Brewing is pretty much considered a Boulder brewery. To leave would be the same as transporting the Bronco's to another state. Adam Avery has looked at other offers made by other cities if the Boulder project doesn't pan out. They have offered him cheaper land or discounted tax benefits. However Adam Avery has no desire to move the Boulder based brewing company anymore than the fans.


    If and when the expansion takes place it will boast Avery tremendously. Their barrels will instantly double. The barrels used for their Barrel-Aging program (sours and others) will also double. This means you might be seeing more and more specialty one-off beers available on the market in the coming year. This also might mean less brewery only releases. Their Barrel-Aged series will go from around 280 barrels to 360 and cap off there. That means the average brewery only release at 83 cases just went up to 160. Rumpkin which was 512 cases will jump to 1000. Not a bad deal.


    They also plan to expand with a restaurant. The idea is "slow food" from farm to table. They want a restaurant that will stand out as the beer bar - restaurant in Boulder; which won't be an easy feet with The Kitchen and other concepts coexisting. However their model is very similar to Stone's World Bistro. These are exciting times for craft beer and one of the best Colorado microbreweries on the market!