Oktoberfest in Munich 09

  • We are going to THE Oktoberfest September 23-29th, 2009.  We leave IAD (I can get you feeder flights from/to your city) on Wed night and get back on Monday. I have 9 slots left- here are the details:

    Hotel:  Hotel Wallis- have a single, doubles, and triples

    Air: Lufthansa- non stop from IAD-MUC.  Leave 8pm- get there 9am.  Leave Monday 3pm- get to IAD at 7pm.

    Tent- Hippodrom on friday, Spaten on Sunday

    Side trip: Bamburg on Saturday (give liver a rest- 3 litres instead of 10)

    Leader is Lisl Vignerot-  lvignerot@hotmail.com  drop her a line if you can hang- and only if you can hang.  We are serious beer drinkers.  Pussys not allowed!!!!!!!!!



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  • oregonbeerlover
    oregonbeerlover September in Munchen, sounds wunderbah! We'll have to see what we can do to join in the fun.
    December 18, 2008