Apple of My Eye

  • When I popped the cap off the bottle, the scent of apples hit me hard. And it made me hesitant. I have had too many beers where fruit flavoring is added after it was brewed, but this one claims it was brewed with apple juice, not beer with added apple juice.

    The beer is question was Ephemere by Unibroue, brewed in Quebec. It bills itself as a refreshing summer ale, brewed with apple juice, coriander and curacao.

    It poured with a lot of head, so much that I had to pause pouring to let it settle, but once in the glass, this 5.5% ABV ale settled nicely and the head slowly disappeared completely. It is a nice cloudy ale and bottle refermented.

    It really tastes of coriander and green apples, in a good way. It is a bit sweet but not overbearing, and definitely refreshing.