Favorite Recipes

  • I'm a big believer that beer can enhance the enjoyment of a foods just as great food can enhance the enjoyment of a fine beer.  With that in mind I've been developing a series of original recipies that I want to share with everyone.


    Right now these recipes are posted on ********** in the Idaho Beer Aficianados Group page where you can download them.  So far I've only perfected two but I have about 5 more that I'm readying for publication.  

    Check them out here.  http://www.**********/Idaho-Beer-Aficionados/

    Please feel free to join if you want to meet up and enjoy a few beers or even if you just want to participate in the discussion online. 

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  • brewtopian
    brewtopian I guess the link to the other page wasn't ok so if anyone is interested in the recipes drop me a message and I will send it to you.

    I started work on the next two recipes tonight. First is Dark Chocolate Framboise Brownies next is the Teriyaki Chi...  more
    January 22, 2009