N.E.P.A. Meet and Greet!!

  • I'd love to set up a meet and greet/tasting, between anyone interested!! I'm thinking sometime in March as to give people enough time.. If you are interested please post in here to let me know, I'll compile a list of people, set up a poll of places to meet and that will decide where we will be going!! Thanks -Johnny  

    Definately will be held in Northeast Pa,

    Just a couple places to consider

    Coopers in Scranton

    Elmer Suds in Wilkes-barre

    River Street Ale House in Pittston

    more to follow, with your responses and help!



    I just spoke to Chamile from Coopers in Scranton, she has a room we could use,they have good food if you get hungry and we could bring our own beer also. It will accomidate 30+ people and i figured we'd procede to the bar afterwards to partake in the fine beers they have on hand. Check out www.mybeerbuzz.com for an updated tap list from Coopers in Scranton plus many many other NEPA establishments!! Comments??

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    TheBrewClub Wish I was closer - it would still be a heck of a ride from Jersey!
    January 21, 2009