Update on the N.E.P.A. Meet and Greet/Tasting

  • I just spoke to Chamile from Coopers in Scranton, she has a room we could use,they have good food if you get hungry and we could bring our own beer also. It will accomidate 30+ people and i figured we'd procede to the bar afterwards to partake in the fine beers they have on hand. Check www.mybeerbuzz.com for updated taplists including Coopers. Comments??

  • johnnyirishman
    johnnyirishman N.E.P.A. Beer Tasting/Meet and Greet.
    Cooper's Seafood House, in the Lighthouse
    Scranton, Pa
    March 7th @ 5pm until ?

    Everyone Attending should bring a beer to share with the rest of the group. A 6pk, 12pk, 22oz Bomber, 750ml bottles, or Gr...  more
    January 22, 2009
  • Mark
    Mark You will have a blast. Take lots of pics!
    January 22, 2009