Hosting our First Beer and Cheese Tasting

  • My wife and I hosted our first beer and cheese tasting last night. The cheese was more of an afterthought, but we found a couple of nice pairings. It was a small, private gathering - only four of us - and we ranked 16 beers on a 10-point scale in five different categories. We had a great time, learned a few things, and shared intelligent discussion around a formal tasting - something none of us had ever done before.

    No '10s' were awarded, but there was no pretetermined reason for that - and our final thoughts differed only slightly from our numbers.  The rankings were pretty interesting as the styles were all over the map, check out the results:


    Just wanted to share, see if you folks had any comments on the above brews or even stories of your own tastings. There are some details to the story, including why some beers greatly outperformed others in the ranking, over on my site. Read the whole story here.

    Cheers all!

  • oregonbeerlover
    oregonbeerlover How fun!!! I would love to do something similar, if we knew people with similar craft beer palates (we don't here locally). Anyway great idea, and ranking system.
    January 25, 2009
  • Mark
    Mark That is great. I want to get into hosting tasting and do them blind so know one knows what they are drinking. I'll have to check out the full post and see how you did the tasting.
    January 25, 2009
  • NikitaLane1987
    NikitaLane1987 WOW, what could be better....Beer and Cheese! Love the idea.
    January 26, 2009