New beergeek.TV Episode - 2010 Kerstbierfestival

  • 2010 Kerstbierfestival” is the latest episode of One Pint at a Time.

    Due to time constraints, the last beergeek.TV episode, Euro Christmas 2010 Part II, used only a part of the footage shot at the Kerstbierfestival. This episode is an extended look at one of our favorite beer festivals.

    In an era where beer festivals are becoming more and more tests of strength and fortitude, the Kerstbierfestival is a breath of fresh air. When we tell people about the festival, the first thing we say is that you can use your “inside voice” as there is no loud din drowning out conversation. Long lines to get the latest hip beer don’t exist. In fact, there are no beer lines to get some of the best, most unique or rarest beers in the world. Truly, the Kerstbierfestival is a gem in our eyes.

    So enjoy our time at the Kerstbierfestival…


  • Mark
    Mark For a minute there I was like, what? I mashed the first two lines together and read, "'2010 Kerstbierfestival' is the last beergeek.TV episode." I had to reread it to see it says latest!
    March 27, 2011
  • thebeergeek
    thebeergeek oops... I'll use the word 'previous' next time
    March 28, 2011
  • Mark
    Mark That mistake was all me!
    March 28, 2011