good old classic

  • the othere day i went to my local pub the glster sarms in penrith ,cumbrea, england. and there is alwayes a good range of ales on with 3 regular beers (halks head biter, blacksheep ale and specaled hen) but there is alwayes a canging ale and this day it was one  if not my faveret beers. and is for meny there first ale.

    it was hob goblin from witchwood brewry. this dark bitter sweet ale with its licroshy flaver mutch like snak lifter ale from jennings but this is a heviyer tast of liqurish.

    i hasve to say on this day the 3 very enjobal pints of hob goblin watching the open mic nigth is brilient ad a good pack of pork scratchins.   .


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  • philWild1964
    philWild1964 Without doubt Hobgoblin is one of my favourite beers. They have some of their own pubs in the South West. Particularly one in Bath that has bands on, Heaven!
    July 22, 2009