bing on the sam smith range

  • the othere day i had a littel gilty bing on a few of samuel smith odl brewery (tadcaster) and i have to say i enjoed every minet of it.


    the 1st pint i indulged on was the organic best ale (5%) with is nutty yet hoppy crisp flaver it was mutch enjoabe;.

    the 2nd pint i must say slid down very quiely wasthe old brewery pale ale (5%)  very intersting and very good.

    the 3rd was not a tipcal choues of mine as im not a larger fan but it was worth it was the organic larger (5%) very crisp mutch the same as a belgem larger.

    and the 4th big hitter was yorkshire stingo aged in oak ale casks. matured for over a good year (8%) witch by the time i was on this i was feeling just a littel tipsy but afther a had day at work i see no shame in binging on good ale in front of the tv on a cold dark ngth.