Oktoberfest 2011

  • my first ever opportunity to hit it!!!!  only just recently made the call to do the trip to europe this fall but then realized i'm arriving the day after oktoberfest starts in munich so i'm guessing, what little i know of the epic event, that 'reservations' to the big beer tents are going to be very hard to find a couple months out now.  good friend though said they're not really 'required' and as long as i get there early i can find a seat. 

    ANYWAY, the point here is, has anyone here been, any advice??  

    going to be in europe for four weeks, looking to do mostly france and italy with the wife but i've got her on board for the oktoberfest add on, but any thoughts as well on french and italian beer life are also greatly appreciated.  i just only recently learned that 'brasserie' is not just a restaurant, cafe type thingymajiggy in france but it also mean brewery!!

    got to go through southern england and ireland back in 2001 for 3 weeks and the beer was simply amazing, can't wait for this trip!

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  • Mark
    Mark If you like Farmhouse Ale and Saison you'll find some good breweries around Cassel, France. Cassel is about 35 miles SE of Calais.
    June 5, 2011