Beer Bottle Caps

  • Ok, I have a bad habit of collecting what my wife calls Junk. If I see a nice bottle, matchbook or bottle cap, I have a tendency to keep it for awhile. Maybe I was a squirrel in a past life, collecting shiny objects. With the bottles at least I can use them for home brew, with the bottle caps, I thought it would be really cool to make a mosaic, but that is a big project and I don't have that kind of patients. Well, I found something to do with those caps…… refrigerator magnets ! I went down to the craft store picked up a hot glue gun, and some magnets.
    Since the first time I'v done this I learned that hot glue is not the best thing to use, now I use liquid nail from the hardware store.
    Fun and easy, and making use of what would be otherwise considered trash.
  • LumbeerJohn
    LumbeerJohn I like it. This could give me an excuse to save some of the especially cool bottle caps I find. Thanks for the tip!
    November 4, 2008
  • HappyHourGuyMark
    HappyHourGuyMark Great ideas! I tend to collect the bar/beer mats. Living in NY, I run out of space quickly. I did find out that it has a name: Tegestology. Now I feel better knowing other people do the same thing.
    The bottle cap idea takes up less room and I like the ...  more
    November 8, 2008
  • Norm
    Norm You should start the Tegestology or the Dripsomaniac group
    November 8, 2008
  • newbiebeerluv
    newbiebeerluv Holy crap this is a much better way to honor my favorite beers... I could cry over the two solo cups full of caps that got tossed out during my last move! But wait... this just means I get to start over again, right? SWEET!
    November 18, 2008