Taste Buds on Beer Tap TV - 100 and 101 are LIVE!

  • Back to back just like that!


    Taste Buds 100: Instant Karma’s Gonna Getcha! (Avery Brewing Karma Ale) On this episode of Taste Buds Eli plays the part of Dusty, and Erik plays himself.  Plus, we crack open a bottle of Karma.   Does this Karma align with our karma?  Watch and find out!  

    alt Taste Buds 101: Craft Beer 101 (School is in session!) On this celebratory 101st episode of Taste Buds… school is in session as Erik, Dusty and the rest of the BTTV crew head to Durango, CO, and hang out at the World Headquarters of Ska Brewing Company.  On the show are some wild and crazy guys who can truly be called rock stars of the beer world including Dave Thibodeau, Bill Graham, Matt Vincent… and another guy who many of you may recognize — the one and only Greg “I Am a Craft Brewer” Koch from Stone Brewing Company in San Diego!  The fellas down some Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Ska’s Modus Hoperandi, and even do a blind taste comparison of the Modus from a can and a bottle.  Can you tell the difference?!  Watch the whole stone cold skatastic episode to find out!