Search for 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year is underway

  • Originally posted on the Southern Colorado Beer Examiner site... Search for 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year is underway So you fancy yourself a beer drinker, eh?

    Do you keep track of every beer you've ever tasted, and every place you've ever been to taste beer? Is your beeresume (beer resume) so heavy that when it hits the table it proudly makes it shudder? If so, you may be Wynkoop Brewing Company's next Beerdrinker of the Year!


    Wynkoop is seeking the most passionate, knowledgeable beer geeks from around the globe for their 13th annual BotY award! But it's not just a matter of being able to throw back beer, you gotta know stuff. Lot's o' stuff. Here are the details:

    Beer resumes for the 2009 Beerdrinker search must include each entrant’s beer drinking philosophy, and details on their passion for beer and their 2008 beer experiences. Resumes should detail the entrant’s understanding of beer and its history and importance to civilization, and the entrant’s efforts to educate others to the joys of great beer.

    To read the rest of this beertastic article, including what you get for winning this prestigious award... click here!

  • Mark
    Mark That is very cool. Once we have a larger membership we will have to do a similar thing and all vote on it through a poll.
    November 24, 2008
  • ilovebeer
    ilovebeer I am "IN" I think it would be a party...........
    November 24, 2008