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  • kid rocks american badass beer    PBR & PBR pro bull riding meets Pabst blue ribbon this ridiculous 7 million dollar investment by a detroit brewing company is as bad of a idea as kid rock singing country music. What does he know about b...
  • BIG SKY BREWING CO. Big Sky Brewing Missoula, Montana Mix, Scape Goat pale ale the way a pale ale should be. Summer Honey ale golden clean, refreshing with a sting of honey. Their IPA is hoppyness heaven tonge tickeling a hophead disiere. And the Moose Drool brown deep carme...
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  • Trappistes Rochefort 10

    TRAPPISTES ROCHEFORT 10 Abbaye St-Remy Rochefort ale All I can say Is  what a intresting beer 11.3% abv  beligan ale with a thin head  that never goes away carbination that seems to never reach the top. Shaddy dark brown in color, scent of  brown suger or...
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  • Shiner Family Reunion

    Spoetzl brewery shiner texas threw together a 6 pack mix of there finest beer. shiner bock, shiner light a Blonde a hefeweizen, a shiner black and 1 i have yet to try kosmos reserve.
  • Ska Brewing

    Durango, Colorado ska brewing has a arsenal of ass kickin beers, a few I have tried
  • home town breweries

    noticed no one lives in Albuquerque NM here are some great micro breweries if you ever pass threw   &...
  • today in history

    April 7, 2009 Hoppy Brew Year's Day! Beer with 4% ABV was legalized today in 1933, beginning the repealment of Prohibition! Down that brew and be thankful you can!
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