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  • Star Wars R2 D2 Beer Can

     A resourceful creation from Paul Loughridge of Bierbots gave a Beer disposal a whole new twist. Star Wars R2 D2 Heineken Beer Can. It really looks cool!
  • Beer Pouch

    Take a look at this one - The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt. A 30 square inch pouch with an elastic band and an insulating band to keep the beer cold also has a hood. It can also hold other things like a bottled water, coke in can etc. and  to make it easier, you can also put straws in it so that you d...
  • Beer Song

    I was on youtube browsing for some interesting videos then I came with the Lego beer song
  • How to hide your Beer in the Office...

    Some of us who are working in an office really get bored sometimes and we've got that urge to go home early and grab that favorite beer in a bar or at home. Well, here's a picture on how you can hide your beer in the office.