Rockmill Tripel

  • Rockmill Tripel

    Organic Golden Ale, 9% ABV

    Rockmill Brewery, Lancaster, OH


    Rockmill Tripel


    Served in a stemmed Belgian goblet. Pours a brilliant golden hue with some haze and a tall head of white foam. Aroma is very Belgian - spicy and yeasty. Lighter body, highly effervescent carbonation tickles the tongue.


    Zippy, bright flavors - fruity & spicy, very refreshing, with some earthy yeast notes. The malt has a honeyish character. Bittering is light but combined with the phenolics balances the palate. Goes down easy - hides it's alcohol level quite nicely. Lengthy finish fades slowly. Leaves some Belgian lace behind. on the glass.


    This is the real deal - tastes dead-on Belgian. Also the best organic brew I've tried. Simply outstanding!