Chatoe Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale

  • Chatoe Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale

    Rogue Brewing Co., Newport, OR

    750 ml bright orange bottle, 25 IBU (ABV not specified); cost here in Ohio from $10 - $11.



    I picked this up on a recommendation from one of my local beer & wine shops, Centerville Carryout. Slightly warmed up from fridge temperature and served in a stemmed glass.


    The beer pours a deep amber hue with a slight chill haze, topped by a generous pale beige head of dense foam. I immediately detect the aromas of pumpkin pie - baked pumpkin with a blend of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg, over a toasted caramel malt base.


    My impression on the first sip? Wow! Loads of fresh pumpkin flavor up front, followed by the supporting (but not overpowering) spices. I can taste ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg at the tail end. Like liquid pumpkin pie with a kick! Beautiful balance of flavors and a great show of restraint in the spice useage allowing the pumpkin to really shine in this one. Hop bitterness in the background is pleasant and balancing.


    Body is medium with a fine, moderately ligth carbonation. Some head holds together all the way to the bottom of the glass. I'm left with a lingering pleasant mix of pumpkin and spices, with a dryish, gently bitter edge.


    Glad I took the shop up on the suggestion! A real winner!