Tasting Notes - Schneider Weisse

  • I roused the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle and served it with the beer. Pours a very cloudy deep burnished gold-to-pale amber with a generous pillow of near-white foam that subsides to an 1/8" layer. Aroma of pale malt with fruity (some banana & Juicy Fruit) & clovey notes. Very appetizing. Body on the lighter side of medium, lightly carbonated, with a smooth feel on the palate. Classic heffie flavours - mild banana, clove, light vanilla & bubblegum notes, all over clean, pale malt. Mild bittering balances the beer, leading into a gently fading finish. Beautifully balanced and thirst quenching. Now all I need is a Brewers or Packers game and some brats!



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  • Mashtun
    Mashtun After spending time in Germany, this is one of the few wheats I can find in the states that will satisfy my craving!
    March 24, 2009