Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale - 2009

  • Poured into a snifter, it has a hazy orange-amber hue with a short-lived cream-coloured head. No sign of bubbles. Aroma of orangey citrus, sweet, candyish malt, and alcohol. Smells like dessert!

    Velvety-smooth texture with full body. Starts out sweet and malty with caramel, toffee, and orange oil, then a bold, resinous bitterness sweeps over the palate, bringing some citrus & piney hop notes and fruity esters. Tangy finish lingers delightfully. Carries it’s significant alcohol content amazingly well – very little burn. Flavours blend and smooth out some as it warms – don’t serve too cold!

    Bold, flavourful, complex and substantial beer. The hops stand out at this young age, but there’s still plenty of malt present. This should cellar quite nicely.


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  • Mark
    Mark I have not tried this yet but most barely wines I rarely try. not sure why I do that. I will give this one a try and see if i can be swayed into more barley wines.
    March 29, 2009