North Coast Brewing Red Seal Ale

  • Pours a coppery-orange with a very faint haze. The off-white head falls quickly to a collar and thin layer with various-sized bubbles.

    Delicious aroma of tangy citrusy hops, reminiscent of orange marmalade. Medium body with effervescent carbonation. Big flavours of bitter orange over toasty caramel malt with some floral hop notes. Grapefruit rind character to the bitterness. Rounds into a tangy and lengthy finish with a lingering bitter edge and grapefuity/citrus flavours.

    Leaves some nice lacing on the glass. Very tasty, pleasing brew. Balanced with a nod towards the hops.

    Ought to go well with pizza, burgers, or Mexican food.


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  • Mark
    Mark This is a great brew. I like it a lot. Great flavors.
    April 5, 2009