Wisconsin Belgian Red Style

  • 5.1% ABV, Wisconsin ale brewed brewed with Montmorency cherries from Door County and lagered in oak tanks.

    New Glarus Brewing, WI

    I've read about this beer for years, and finally was able to pick up a couple bottles when I was back in Wisconsin last year (they don't distribute outside of the state).

    Bright, cloudy red with a hint of apricot mixed in, capped by a beige-pink layer of thick foam. Leaves some fairly heavy lace sheeting on the glass. Fresh, tart cherry pie aroma with a hint of apple. Mouth-filling, creamy texture with moderately full body. Flavour is cherries! Tart, fresh cherries with a pie-like character and a hint of fresh apple cider. Real, all-natural fruit flavours. Ultra-refreshing. Hint of a drying, oaky note in the finish. Dessert in a glass!

    Try with cheesecake, creme brulee, white cake, dark chocolate cake or torte.


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  • ibbjamin
    ibbjamin This one is something special. There's two more bottles en route from Wisconsin to my place right now. I just can't get enough of this beer.

    For those that are turned off by fruit beers (I would consider myself in that category), prepare to be th...  more
    May 2, 2009