Palo Santo Marron

  • 12% ABV, Dogfish Head, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    On draught at Dilly Deli, Mariemont OH

    Served in a snifter, the beer appears black with a pale caramel collar. Aroma is chock-full of malty complexity, with notes of molasses, treacle, toffee, coffee, and caramel. Thick, full-bodied, velvety texture. Substantial beer. Flavours are consistent with the aromas, with an alcohol bite. Very fine, light carbonation. As the beer warms, the aromas and flavours continually evolve. A hint of wood shows up, then a nuttiness, some burnt raisin, and a hint of dates. Dry edge to the finish. The colour becomes more of a deep mahogany towards the bottom of the glass, as light is finally able to penetrate the dense malt. No lacing on the glass. Has a wonderful, lingering aftertaste, with some roast, some bitter, some woodiness, and more of that complex maltiness all vying for attention.

    I've never used this term to summarize a beer before, but this is fabulous! Well worth the price of admission.


  • Mark
    Mark It sure is a fabulous beer. i had to order mine online and only got one. I so wish I had ordered more.
    May 1, 2009
  • sharon319
    sharon319 I was lucky enough to come across this beer because someone I knew wasn't a beer fan and didn't plan on drinking it. It's wonderful!!
    May 1, 2009
  • oregonbeerlover
    oregonbeerlover Been wanting to try this...wonder if we'll get any out west.
    May 2, 2009