Cane and Ebel

  • "A hopped-up red rye ale", ale brewed with rye and palm sugar, Two Brothers Brewing Co., Warrenville, IL

    7.0% ABV, on draught at Chappy's Tap Room & Grille, Moraine, OH

    Pours a deep reddish-amber hue with a cream-coloured collar and thin layer of foam. Aroma of hops (citrus, some pine) and toasted malt. Smooth, creamy texture and medium body. Big citric and piney hops on the palate with grapefruit most apparent, starting more rounded then drying, with a toasted caramel malt base and hint of spice (coriander, maybe). Gentle bitterness supports the beer and provides balance. Some bittersweet tang in the finish. Wondrous! Nice lace rings cling to the glass.

    I'd tried a bottle of this last year and was disappointed at the lack of hop character; obviously, my bottle must have been pretty old, as it bore no resemblance to this sample.