Ruination IPA

  • Stone Brewing Co, Escondido, CA

     7.7% ABV, 100+ IBU, Magnum & Centennial hops

    Stone's self-described "liquid poem to the glory of the hop" pours a slightly hazy honey-orange, with a thick cream-coloured head. A steady stream of bubbles rises in the middle of the glass, though there’s not a lot of audible activity. A blast of citrusy hop aroma wafts from the glass, with lots of grapefruit & lemon peel. Luscious & appetizing. Medium-bodied, spritzy texture, with a fine carbonation effervescence, yet somewhat mouth-filling and tongue-coating.

    Tastes hugely citric & bitter right from the get-go. Some grapefruit followed by lemon – lemon blossom, lemon peel, lemon candy, then grapefuit marmalade and finally grapefruit pith. Underneath it all lies an almost English crackery, caramelly malt base. I like the yeast profile - very clean, but with a hint of diacetyl. Bitterness is pretty aggressive - some may find it too strong, but it works for me! Lengthy finish with a lingering, floral-citric-bitter hoppy aftertaste. Hint of orange even shows up. The aftertaste just lingers on and on. Impressive. A ring of foam and some patchy lace cling to the glass at the finish.

    This is one of my favorite IPAs. It's a big, bold, bitter & hoppy beer, but with a wonderful lemony edge.


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  • Mark
    Mark One of my favorites too. Few beers can match the lovely hop bitterness in Ruination.
    May 30, 2009