Glockenspiel Weizenbock

  • Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH; 8.0% ABV, 20 IBU; seasonal 4-pack available May-June 2009

    Pours a beautiful, bright coppery-amber with a finger of pale beige foam that drops to a sustained thin layer. The aromas of bananas, clove, and vanilla bean confirm that a Bavarian yeast strain was used for fermentation, but the clarity and lack of a yeast sediment indicates that this was filtered and force carbonated (too bad – I usually pour the yeast in!). Smooth, somewhat creamy texture and a medium body on the palate. Carbonation has a very fine bead and seems just right. Flavours are consistent with the aromas – a nice blend of banana, clove & vanilla with an almost smoky undertone, over dry caramel malt. Mellow but flavourful character. Finishes big and lingers with the yeast notes and some ripe, dark plum fruitiness. Very drinkable – really carries it’s 8% alcohol well. Leaves a foam ring near the bottom of the glass.

    I don't see many weizenbocks on the shelves, so this is a real treat!