Totally Naked lager

  • 4.2% ABV seasonal brew from New Glarus Brewing Co., New Glarus, WI

    Pale straw-gold, crystal clear appearance, with a snow-white head of foam. Large bubbles rise, with light popping audible. Clean aroma of malt & hops with some fruitiness. Appetizing. Carbonation is much finer & more fizzy than expected from the large bubbles. Lighter bodied. Clean, light & refreshing. Noble hop notes and fresh, grainy malt. Light, gentle but balancing bitterness. Fairly short finish with minimal aftertaste. Inoffensive, thirst-quenching beer. American-style lager without the funky adjunct flavours. Leaves some patchy lace on the glass.

    Food Pairing Recommendations: Burgers, hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn – ballgame food, basically.