Acme California IPA

  • North Coast Brewing Co, Fort Bragg, CA; 6.5% ABV, 55 IBUs

    First of all, I like the retro-style label for this beer; it's fun and light-hearted. The beer pours with a golden honey-amber hue and slight haze. Short-lived head of white foam falls to a collar and some patchy groups of bubbles. Aroma initially brought toasted malt with little hop, making me think I have a bottle that’s sat in the store too long. But after sitting a few minutes I get more hops, floral & a bit citrusy.

    The beer brings a delicious hoppiness up front, with floral & citrus rind notes, underpinned by a light, crackery malt base. Medium body with light carbonation bite and a dryish character. Bitterness is smoothly integrated, building gradually and expanding with the hop flavours to a peak, then slowly fading into a lengthy finish, the hops becoming resinous and oily on the palate. Great, lingering aftertaste just hangs around for ages. Nice lacework on the lower half of the glass.


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  • Mark
    Mark I really like this beer. Would make a great everyday beer. Just enough hops without being over hoppy.
    June 17, 2009