Cerise - Cherry Fermented Ale

  • Founders, Grand Rapids, MI; 6.5% ABV,

    The label indicates this is brewed with cherry puree, and it shows its presence in the hint of pale pink it gives the foam, the light aroma of tart cherries, and the more pronounced tart cherry flavour. There's a hint of almonds with brown sugar and cinnamon, and some biscuity malt. The overall effect is liquid cherry cobbler. Texture is smooth with a buttery quality. My style of fruit beer - not artificially flavoured or sweet. Finishes with a lingering tanginess. Very refreshing and well made fruit beer.  


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  • Mark
    Mark That sounds quite good. I will see if I can find it here. I agree that a fruit beer is best when it is not overly sweet. Cheers!
    June 28, 2009