Hop Rod Rye

  • 8.0% ABV, IPA brewed with 20% rye malt, Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA; on draught at Dingle House Pub, West Chester, OH  

    Deep reddish-amber beer with a short-lived pale beige head. Crisp, citric hop aroma wafts from the glass with floral & pine notes. Bitter up front, with toasted & deeply caramelized malts, but mostly dry in nature. Heavy side of medium bodied with a good mouthfeel. Some fruity esters. Light carbonation bite. Accent towards the hops, but with great balance. Lengthy finish with lingering bitterness and grapefruit peel. My tongue feels like its coated by hops! Scattered dots of foam remain on the glass. Towards the end as it warms, I pick up an almost cocoa-like aromatic undertone. Tatsy & substantial beer.