Independence Ale

  •  Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH

    6% ABV, 45 IBUs, draught-only seasonal offering at Chappy’s Tap Room & Grille, Moraine, OH

    Bright, clear coppery-orange hue with a fairly thick cream-coloured head. Aroma of floral & citrusy hops. Flavours of toasted, caramel malt (could be some Vienna malt) with solid bittering up front, then light floral hops. Malt character is dry but tasty. Slightly heavier side of medium body with fine carbonation and some acidic bite. Bitter finish becomes somewhat resiny and tongue-coating. As it warms, some earthy-spicy hop notes become apparent along with light yeast esters. Good balance.

    Fairly substantial, tasty beer with big flavours. Reminiscent of those early 90's brewpub & craft beer amber or red ales – very nice.

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  • Mark
    Mark That sounds fantastic.
    August 22, 2009