Mean Manilishi Double IPA

  •  Hoppin’ Frog, Akron, OH; 8.2% ABV, 168 IBU (!)

    Won the award for Best Double I.P.A. in America at the 2009 U.S. Beer Tasting Championships this month.

    Deep, coppery-red hue topped with a finger’s width of pale beige foam which settles to a thin layer and collar after a few minutes. Big aroma of citrusy hops with grapefruit and tangerine most prominent, and what could be called a "catty" note. Fairly full bodied with a rich, velvety texture and light effervescence. Generous dose of hops up front – citrusy, floral, hint of pine with a light acidic bite. Bittering eases in smoothly; well-integrated and expanding on the palate gradually. There’s enough toasty, caramelly malt underneath to support & provide balance, but this beer really lets the hops shine beautifully. Everything I’ve come to expect in a double IPA. West coast-style, the way I like 'em! Great, lingering finish has a resinous character that coats the tongue. Awesome foam sheeting & rings remain on the glass. Well-deserving of that award.

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  • ironarrow42
    ironarrow42 I believe I paid $12 for a 22 ounce bomber. Pricey, but worth it.
    October 3, 2009