Pere Jacques

  • Goose Island, Chicago, IL; 9% ABV, abbey dubbel style ale, bottled on 3/10/08 (label states that flavor will continue to develop for 5 years)Murky brown-amber in appearance with a scant pale beige collar and foam. Bits of yeast sediment float suspended throughout the glass. Big, rich, sweet aroma – notes of deeply caramelized malt, baked figs and dates. Moderately full-bodied with very light, fine carbonation. Doesn’t taste as sweet as the aroma might make you think – loads of fruit and malt but well-attenuated, with a somewhat dryish character and lightly tangy-sweet edge. Notes of figs, dates, dried apricots and a hint of sweet cherries all combine with toasty, caramel malts. As it warms, I get a definite Munich malt flavor – that deep caramel with a hint of molasses or treacle and some nuttiness. Splendid!