2 Turtle Doves

  • The Bruery, Placentia, CA (Famille Rue);

    Belgian-style dark ale brewed with cocoa nibs & toasted pecans, unfiltered, bottle-conditioned, 12% ABV I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a sample of this brew at Dorothy Lane Market in Centerville, OH before the holidays, and ended up buying a bottle. The beer pours a deep reddish-black, opaque except near the bottom of the stemware glass I used. Maintains a solid warm tan head of thick, tightly-knit foam. Aroma of dark, unsweet cocoa and roasted coffee beans, with acohol strength evident. Fairly full-bodied with a richness, lifted by insistent and fine carbonation tingle. Carries some fruity, mildly sweet notes up front reminiscent of baked prunes or prune bread, then some alcohol heat, rounding into dark chocolate and hint of toasted pecan with a fleeting bitter edge that weaves in and then fades. Bit of a molasses-like tang flits in at the end. Complex, big, and most satisfying as an evening sipper. Inspired by the chocolate, caramel & pecan candy, this is a wonderful liquid treat that captures the essence of the candy and takes it to new heights. Lovely!