Old No. 38 Stout

  • North Coast, Fort Bragg, CA

    5.5% ABV, 53 IBUs

    Opaque black appearance with garnet highlights and a thin head the colour of espresso crema. Aroma combines roasty note with molasses. Smooth, rich texture but with a medium body. Carbonation has a brief tingle but is lighter overall. Assertive flavours start out with an espresso character, roasty with an almost burnt edge and some bitterness, followed by some molasses and a tangy sweetness, drying into a roasty finish. Very nice. Leaves a roasted note on the palate reminiscent of dark chocolate-covered coffee beans.I'm thinking this should pair well with Belgian chocolates, chocolate cake, and tiramisu.


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  • KajII
    KajII YUM!!!!!
    February 5, 2010