Southern Tier - Pumking

  •  Smells and TASTES like homeade pumpkin pie!

    Okay, so I'm nursing a bad cold, so my taste buds and my sent is off, but when it comes to beer, they seem to just come alive. And that is exactly what happened when I had a whiff of Southern Tiers Pumking. Great aroma of pumpkin pie, but you can smell the ale. The taste is just as good. Your pallet seems to soak up the pumpkin taste, but with hops at the end. Weird at first, but damn great!

  • HappyHourGuyMark
    HappyHourGuyMark I've been hearing great things about this. Can't wait to try it...
    November 25, 2008
  • TheBrewClub
    TheBrewClub The Best Pumpkin Ale I had this year was from Smuttynose. The worst - Jacks Pumpkin Spice from Michelob. Haven't tried the Southern Tier, but I'll likely have to wait till next year @ this point!
    November 28, 2008
  • oregonbeerlover
    oregonbeerlover Ilovebeer and I tried a pumpkin ale yesterday for the first time called America's Original Pumpkin Ale made by Pyramid for Buffalo Bill's Brewery...sorry it was not the best. Definitely had the pumpkin and spice aroma and taste, but not of a style that we liked..
    November 29, 2008