Mother Earth Brewing Company "Endless River Kölsch"

  • I guess this is the way y'all do it on here now, blog your reviews. I can get into that, I love to talk and express my opinion as you all probably already know.


    I tried this one the other day and though not too much into Kölsch’s, I do enjoy something different from time to time.


    This was a nice refreshing brew, although I most likely would have liked to drink it in the spring or summer. It had a kind of soapy feel to it and was very yeasty. I think I will try it again in the summer hanging out on the lake.


    Anyway here is my review and I think it hits the nail on the head.




    Mother Earth "Endless River"

    Mother Earth Brewing Company - Kinston, North Carolina USA

    Kölsch (ABV 4.9%)


    [Best served in a Kölsch glass]


    Rating: 3.0/5.0


    Aroma: 5/10

    Appearance: 3/5

    Taste: 7/10

    Palate: 3/5

    Overall 12/20


    The pour was a hazy medium yellow with an average sized (1-2 finger) white fluffy head that lasted a little while and had some nice lacing.


    The aroma was super light of a grain malt, grassy and floral hops and a soapy yeast with a hint of lemon.


    The taste was lightly sweet and mildly acidic with touch of lemon at first and slightly bitter with a large does of yeast and a hint of citrus at the end. The flavor lasted an average time with a yeasty-citrus taste lingering on for a little while.


    Mouthfeel was light in body and watery in texture with the carbonation being rather soft.


    Overall this was a nice light refreshing Kölsch. Although nothing special really stuck out it was quite solid for the style.