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    For those of us who luv drinkin beer african style esp if u r in Africa
  • 8 members led by gvrefugee
    Maniacal Drafters & Crafters O' the West. Oklahoma beer and wine making club.
  • 2 members led by cambria
    Southern California Beer Lovers - lets do get together already. I wanna share and learn what's happening in the so cal beer land.
  • 2 members led by kara
    Group is here to trade tips about the import beers available in Zhongguo and the companies that bring them here, where to buy homebrew equipment (or what to ask for in markets), best China brew pubs, and general china-related beer info!
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    Conveniently located on the corner of College Avenue and East Washington Street across from City Hall, Lansdowne Road Irish Pub is the perfect place for a night out. Started by three rugby players, a wide variety of sports will be shown on six flat screen...  more
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    If your a Montanan (or not) you are more than welcome to join this group. We just love beer so much in Montana that I could not go another day without seeing a group for this amazing state.
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    Any one in the chicago area...
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    For all those who live in California or just love our beer.
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    black and tans, Guinness, Scotch ale, car bombs, Irish stout, Irish red, for those who like to drink year round not just on St Paddy's day
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    Sunshine State Beer Drinkers, Unite and Take Over!