Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Belgian Blonde Ale


    Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer Belgian Blonde Ale
    Brewery Het Anker – Mechelen, Belgium
    10% ABV
    This beer is not to be confused with the Cuvee Van de Keizer d’Or which is a darker ale.
    This beer is only brewed once a year around the birthday of Charles the Fifth – February 24th.
    I could tell this beer was going to be sweet tasting from first sniff. It poured out cloudy and golden with a nice white frothy head. The nose was overpowering vanilla, sweet cinnamon and nutmeg like french toast. I jumped back and exclaimed “Wow” upon sniffing it. 
    The taste is sweet from start to finish, with a very clingy syrupy honey taste. For those who like sweet high alcohol beer – maybe you barleywine drinkers – this beer is for you. No bite to this beer at all...pretty sweet all the way through. Not a hop-head beer.
    Alcohol punch is definitely there, as one would expect at 10% ABV.